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Project Assessment Software

  • Develop transparent models
  • Create value by optimizing
  • Perform multidimensional sensitivity analysis
  • Measure and manage project risk
  • Generate Project documentation report
  • Facilitate teamwork and control of changes
  • Get the most cost effective project assessment tool
  • Includes five reusable cases of project assessment


Financial Planning Software

  • Project financial statements with transparent models
  • Analyze joint changes of assumptions
  • Measure risk of not attaining objectives
  • Generate automatic report with plan’s documentation
  • Facilitate team work and control of changes
  • Effective planning tool
  • Includes reusable solution for small companies


Data Analysis Software

  • Analyze business data, discover trends and determine profitability at any level
  • Transform input data to generate new variables and dimensions
  • Discover relationships with three-click graphs
  • Sort results with just three clicks
  • Distribute .XLS reports
  • Get the most cost effective business intelligence tool
  • Includes sample case for collection company

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Each software includes:

  • Tutorial Video
  • Self-learning course


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