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OlapIA Home Download

OlapIA Home is a shareware version of OlapIA to be exclusively used by students or at home. It allows you to analyze files with up to 100.000 records.

Sorry, but only Spanish version is available. English version will be available in second half of 2020.

Learning to use OlapIA does not take long because this software includes:

  • Self-learning course
  • In-context immediate help
  • Help Center to help you find what you are looking for
  • Sample case

To download this software for Windows® (Vista, W7, W8, W10, W11) click on Download (at right) save the installer file and then open this file.

Please send us the license request file that is generated by OlapIA in order to issue your free user license.




   For Windows® Vista->W11 

OlapIA Std Pro Star Edu Download

You must be an authorized user or must have purchased an user license in order to download OlapIA Std, Pro, Star or Edu.

To download this software for Windows® click on Download (at right), save the installer file and then open this file. Once the installation is completed, the user license must be activated which requires you to send to BoraSystems the file that is generated when executing OlapIA for the first time. This file must contain:

a) Yor full name and organization you belong to.

b) The Identification Number generated when running OlapIA for the first time.

c) The Authorization Number that identifies you as valid user (provided by BoraSystems when the license was purchased).

Sorry but only Spanish version is available. English version will be available in second half 2022.

After receiving this file, BoraSystems will send you the password that will allow you to utilize OlapIA on the machine where the installation was performed.


   For Windows® Vista->W11