OlapIA Description

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¿What Allows OlapIA You To Do?

OlapIA (OLAP Information Analysis) is a Business Intelligence – BI – tool for PCs that has been specifically developed by BoraSystems for final users with no programming knowledge.

OlapIA allows final users to:

  • Process large volumes of data – Big Data – using a spreadsheet type interface, but without the limitations that other products does have.
  • Transform input data, if necessary, using conversion tables and predefined statements.
  • Define new variables that are computed by means of simple and self-documented statements, like:


  • Utilize ABC costing (Activity-Based Costing).
  • Find relationships in data by means of multidimensional analysis (OLAP – On Line Analytical Processing).
  • Graph results using just a couple of clicks.
  • Perform what-if analysis.
  • Find how to reach an objective.
  • Make forecasts.
  • List records complying with given conditions.
  • Define  a control panel with automatic alerts.
  • Mantain an updated documentation about data, variables and cubes.
  • Restrict user access to data according to user profiles (in development).
  • Determine the origin (user, date, time) of any modification.
  • Quickly learn about both multidimensional data analysis and using OlapIA because:

a) OlapIA is multilingual. English and Spanish will be selectable in each session (just Spanish is currently available, English will be available in first half of 2024).
b) OlapIA has an in-context help feature that explains any concept or command, at once. That’s why OlapIA does not have an User Manual.
c) OlapIA includes a no-cost introductory course which the user can develop a complete application with.


 For Windows® Vista->W10 

OlapIA Features

Click on the icon at right to get a detailed fact sheet (Spanish).

English version of OlapIA will be available in first half of 2024.