MultiPlanEx Description

Helping You Make Better Business Decisions

¿What Allows MultiPlanEx You To Do?

MULTIPLANEX is a software application that provides a COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION for performing financial planning, because it allows you to have:

1. Understandable models
2. Reliable results
3. Automatic documentation of plan
4. Library of reusable models
5. Auditability
6. Independence from authors
7. Higher productivity

MULTIPLANEX can be used to solve following problems:

1. Financial planning
2. Assessment of the value of a company and estimation of the value of common stock
3. Budget formulation and control



   For Windows®Vista->W10

Main Features

MultiPlanEx is a powerful PC software developed by BoraSystems that helps you forecast financial statements. MultiPlanEx is not a spreadsheet add-on. Its main features are:

1.  Equations of models are written in common language. For example:  Sales  =  Price  * Volume

2.  MultiPlanEx generates series of values for independent variables by using predefined rules.

3.  MultiPlanEx perfoms risk analysis applying the Montecarlo technique, using various probability distribution functions  (uniform,  triangular, discrete, normal, etc.).

4.  MultiPlanEx calculates the probability of obtaining specific results, i.e. probability of cash balance in certain period being less than a given la level.

5.  MultiPlanEx performs automatic sensitivity analysis generating results for every possible combination of values for decision variables (as defined by the user). Moreover,  MultiPlanEx can determine the best or worst scenario.

6.  MultiPlanEx has a report generating capability that allows you to easyily define new reports. It also allows you to consolidate periods of reports. Thus, by only clicking twice, a 120-month report can be converted into a compact 10-year report.

7.  MultiPlanEx generates graphs with one click.

8.  MultiPlanEx automatically generates the project’s documentation and enables to include additional explanations about variables and equations.

9. MultiPlanEx generates a project file for each work session and allows you to see the complete history of the development of the case.

And, additionally:

–  Data import/export from/to .xls spreadsheet files
–  In-context help (MultiPlanEx does not have a user manual!)
–  Built-in self-learning course
–  Bilingual English/Spanish

Main Benefits

1. Sensitivity analysis: MultiPlanEx allows to simultaneously analyze up to 12 variables.

2. Risk analysis: using the Montecarlo technique, the risk of a plan can be measured quantitatively thus improving the quality of decision making.

3. Easy use and reliable results: due to its features of automatically generating documentation and easy understanding of models, it facilitates team work. Third parties can check whether a plan has been appropriately formulated and whether the results are correct.

4. Reusability: transparent models and ever updated documentation allow for model reusability and prevent organizations from depending on authors to introduce changes.

5. Auditing: MultiPlanEx feature of keeping track of the plan´s history facilitates auditing.

6. Productivity increase: MultiPlanEx allows the user to focus on modeling and analysis rather than spendig time programming or checking results.