EasyPlanEx Description

Helping You Make Better Business Decisions

¿What Allows EasyPlanEx You To Do?

EasyPlanEx is a software application that provides a comprehensive solution for evaluating and optimizing investment projects, because it allows you to have:

1. Understandable models
2. Reliable results
3. Automatic documentation of the project
4. Library of reusable projects
5. Auditability
6. Independence from authors
7. Higher productivity

EasyPlanEx can be used to solve the following problems:

1. Evaluation and optimization of capital projects
2. Assessment of the value of a company
3. Estimation of the value of common stock
4. Budget formulation
5. Simulation of financial statements

EasyPlanEx widens the project scope because it does not only evaluate the proposed case, but it is able to automatically evaluate all its alternatives (even thousands of combinations), listing the best ones.

EasyPlanEx has the capability to measure the risk associated to decisions by means of the Monte Carlo method, allowing the user to take actions to reduce the risk.

And last, but not least, EasyPlanEx is able to automatically perform risk analysis on every alternative (calculating risk and return for each one) and, based on it, it determines the efficient frontier (optimal alternatives considering risk and return).

Main Features

EasyPlanEx (Easy Planning Expert) is a powerful PC software developed by BoraSystems that helps the user evaluate and optimize capital projects as well as to forecast financial statements. EasyPlanex is not a spreadsheet add-on. Its main features are:

1. Easy modeling with statements like: Sales = Volume x Price by using fill-in-the-blanks. No modeling language is needed.

2. Values of independent variables are projected by means of predefined rules.

3. Discount rate determined as WACC and cost of capital determined with CAPM model. Easy IRR, NPV and VAR calculations.

4. Easy report generation (cash flow, balance, income statement, etc.).

5. Automatic sensitivity analysis.

6. Automatic impact analysis.

7. Risk analysis (Monte Carlo).

8. Automatic project optimization.

9. Automatic generation of project documentation report.

10. EasyPlanEx facilitates auditing because it generates a project file for each session. 

And, additionally:

–  Data import/export from/to .xls spreadsheet files
–  Immediate in-context help (EasyPlanEx has no user manual)
–  Built-in self-learning course
–  Forum with answers to common questions (Spanish).
–  Bilingual English/Spanish

EasyPlanEx will help you better formulate your projects or financial problems, obtaining higher profitability and controlling risk level.

By clicking on the DOWNLOAD button (at right) you can download a 15-day trial version of EasyPlanEx.


   For Windows® Vista->W11

Main Benefits

1. Optimization: EasyPlanEx finds the best alternative among hundreds or thousands possibilities. When risk analysis is performed EasyPlanEx is able to draw the efficient frontier.

2. Risk analysis: using the Montecarlo technique, the risk of a project is measured quantitatively thus improving the quality of decision-making.

3. Easy use and reliable results: due to its features of automatically generating documentation and easy understanding of models, it is simple to check whether a project has been appropriately formulated.

4. Reusability: transparency of models and  ever updated documentation allow for model reusability and prevent organizations from depending on authors to introduce changes.

5. Auditing: EasyPlanEx feature of keeping track of the project’s history facilitates auditing.

6. Productivity increase: EasyPlanEx allows the user to concentrate on modeling and analysis instead of spending time in programming or checking results.

¿How to increase project profitability?

Unfortunately in most companies methodological mistakes are commited when evaluating capital projects, preventing investors from attaining higher returns on the invested capital .

We recommend to download the free document “Cómo Incrementar el VAN de sus Proyectos de Inversión a Costo Cero” (sorry, just Spanish version) where Martin G. Boragk, founder of BoraSystems, analizes six fundamental issues that must be correctly addressed in order to get a higher NPV.